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The TERRA RAKE is available in 1.7 m, 2.3 m, 3.5 m and 4.6 m widths as well as a 1.7 m electric trailed option. It is a thorough and effective way of pulling up thatch (natural turf) or smoothing rubber crumb which has gathered and needs separating (artificial turf). The two wider machines have a folding frame which supports two separate same-sized units either 1.7 m or 2.3 m. These can be transported together and ‘joined’ to create twice as much output, the folding mechanism working hydraulically from the operator’s in cab controls.

Sturdily built, the Terra Rake is meant for heavy duty use. The parallelogram-shaped Terra Rake has a robust steel frame containing closely arranged rows of long verticutting tines. These steel tines are self-vibrating and probe inquisitively. Arranged in four rows just 20 mm apart the tines are designed not to clog but are close enough together to offer a very thorough and rigorous action on the ground.

All four models attach to tractors and power units by 3 pt linkage. However, Wiedenmann engineers have created a new 1.7 m Terra Rake trailed draw bar option with electric wheels which doesn’t need linkage attachment so is ideal for utility vehicles and similar.

Product Details:

• 4 rows of tines for obstruction-free dethatching
• Tines designed not to clog
• Highly effective at speeds up to 15 km / hr
• Combination of velocity and vibration helps productivity
• Tine depth adjusted via set of castors
• Brings thatch to the surface along with rogue grasses (natural)
• Regular use will help ball roll and playability (artificial)
• Spring relief kit for loosening the infill on artificial turf fields
• 5 year warranty for tine breakage
• Ideal for uneven surfaces
• Load relief kit helps with adjustment to individual surface

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