SWAZI® has had a proud home in Levin, New Zealand since 1994. Their factory in Levin focused primarily on our high performance, technical gear. It’s the clothing that Swazi is known the world over for it’s high quality and longevity of life. It’s made by a passionate bunch of people who live close by – in fact so close by that many of them walk to work every day.

In 2019 after a couple of years where it was just getting impossible to keep with demand, SWAZI started outsourcing some of our fleece range to our partner company in Thailand. They spent over a year researching and working with a number of manufacturers until they were able to find exactly the right company that would ensure that their exceedingly high standards were met for everything from garment quality to the working environment.

After the success of moving their fleece offshore, they have now moved all fleece and all technical garments offshore. SWAZI have retained their machinists in Levin to complete more specialised smaller runs such as items for search and rescue organisations, ambulance and police garments.

The SWAZI® promise is to continue to produce innovative and practical Agricultural, Hunting and Outdoor Leisure clothing, hand in hand with our assurance to make the voice of the outdoors heard by promoting adventure, hunting and a sense of responsibility among young people.

Swazi at Irelands

Irelands Group have been proud Official UK stockists and have worked closely with Swazi since 2020. We sell the clothing both in our shops in Lincolnshire and on our online shop, offering some great deals. Our shops are location in Carrington near Boston, Market Rasen and Sutterton.

All of the Swazi clothing we sell at Irelands is in stock and ready for immediate UK delivery, so there is no need to wait for it to be delivered from New Zealand! We also offer FREE DELIVERY on all overs over £50.

In addition to in store and online, we also travel Lincolnshire attending country shows with our Swazi stock, so look out for our Swazi marquee, to see our range of coats, fleeces, jackets, hoodies, tops, trousers, accessories and more!




Base Layer

The base layer is the garment closest to your skin. This layer affects what Swazi call,  the Micro-Climate, which is the barrier of air between your skin and the clothing you are wearing. Therefore, it is essential this item manages any moisture and ensures that it transfers off your skin and onto the outside of the base, to keep you cool.


Your mid-layer must work together with the base layer and outer-layer to be an effective part of the Swazi layering system. This means the mid-layer needs to take the moisture the base layer has wicked away and move it once again, to the outside. Swazi mid-Layers are typically made from a heavier fabric, giving the good air-trapping qualities to keep you warm.

Outer Layer

Often referred to as the Outer shell, Swazi make their outer layers breathable, to let the moisture out. Their outer layers are also made to be either extremely wind-resistant or windproof.  Swazi AEGIS® fabrics being totally windproof, will keep you both warm and sheltered from the wind.


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